Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Football Day

It's Tuesday, happy Tuesday. 

I hope everyone had a relaxing long labor day weekend with fun, friends and family. Although I was interrupted with work on Sunday, i did get my dose of friends, and family and of course fun, saturday and monday.

Some highlights from September thus far;

1. I got outside yesterday to run Talcott Mountain in Avon. I'm not kidding when I say a mountain, and I'm not kidding when I say I thought I was going to die at times. Of course in the end you have no regrets though, and every step and climb was completely worth it. I love it, really love. I mean only a little over a month till half marathon day so mini boot camp is kind of necessary. 

2. I baked these: (preview of a recipe to follow)

and yes that is blue.

There was a day of rest due to my running adventures yesterday, but boot camp continues on tomorrow. For today, this weeks Tuesday seems to be themed football day.

1. Kelly Ripa announced her new co-host today will be none other than former NY Giant Michael Strahan. 

I'm thinking the two will provide some quality coffee drinking & blogging morning entertainment. So we shall see on Friday when I finally have a morning off from work. Patience. 

2. I will be doing my first fantasy draft later tonight with the wonderful boys of LU. To be honest, I have no idea what in the world I am doing, and I see this ending terribly for me. But it should be fun nonetheless and we will pray for miracles from going off my instincts. Who knows, McElroy's Minions could be the next Fantasy Dream Team. I'm getting the wine ready. Yes, I will be drinking wine with my draft. Maybe the one and only ever to do so, but that is how I am quite a bit of things in life. 

I hope everyone had a wonderful start back at work, all the chillens should officially be back in school. And tomorrow is already Hump Day. Not too bad right? I've read a lot of Wisdom Words the past few days, so be there will be Kelly's thoughts posts soon enough. Again, patience. 

Untill tomorrow,
Kelly Anne

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