Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Cathedral

`I never weary gazing at the wonderful Cathedral. It has
more individual character than any other rock or mountain
I ever saw, excepting perhaps the Yosemite South Dome.'
- john muir

This picture was shared with me early this morning via my friend who just finished a month long hiking trip in Yosemite. It is Cathedral Peak with Cathedral Lake, in California. Adventurer John Muir named this peak while he came across it hiking in Yosemite. My friend explained to me that Muir named this the Cathedral because when he saw this for the first time, it was the first time he had been to church. I would think it's safe to say that glory was definitely present at this moment. I mean, look at this picture, it's screaming glory glory hallelujah. 

`No feature, however, of all the noble landscape as seen
from here seems more wonderful than the Cathedral itself, a
temple displaying Nature's best masonry and sermons in
stones. How often have I gazed at it from the tops of hills
and ridges, and through openings in the forests on my many
short excursions, devoutly wondering, admiring, longing!
This I may say is the first time I have been at church in
California, led here at last, every door graciously opened
for the poor lonely worshiper.''
-John Muir

This is where Muir found peace, joy and awe. I believe it is the modernized world today that created church to be a structured environment inside a building, with rules, regulations and boundaries. I also believe God created places like this to be the real church, and also home to many with no boundaries and just life. That's all, just life. 

It amazes me how overwhelming something so simple can be. However, is a mountain like this really so simple? It is carefully weathered and worn by the Earth and it's "naturalities" over the years. Every crater and fallen rock carves it to be complex and detailed. Not so simple. But not only are massive mountains like the Cathedral so grand and complex, but also the little everyday naturalities we might not take the time to notice throughout the business of our lives. No matter what state, town, country you live in there is something there; i guarantee it. Fields of grass, trees, trails, rivers, lakes, oceans. If you take the time to really spend some time in the naturalities you will see how great the complex is that is given off through these simple creations. Earth, wind fire and rain. Basic and simple elements with extremely impacting abilities, fueling peace, joy and wonder. 

It amazes me to think about how many places there are like this on Earth going undiscovered every day. I am also amazed at how strong my desire is to go find all of these places. I suppose it's just God calling me to his church though right? As I write this finding myself in Farmington, Connecticut I know this current location is not what my heart and soul are looking for. And i know the majority of you are more than familiar with my desire to eventually get to the "Cathedrals" of the world. I've been a year out of college now and still find myself in Connecticut and as John Muir, i feel exactly like the "poor lonely worshiper". It's hard to always have faith that God will eventually bring me to this kind of Church, in the places where I really want to be. There's a fine line between knowing whether to wait to be lead or if I need to make an extra leap of faith and take the first move myself - just in order to get closer to the places my heart is lead. With every new day I hope and have faith there is more lead and discernment to finding the right answer to this.

For now though, I will find the churches throughout Connecticut; in the rivers, mountains and trails here. Yes they are smaller, but just as important. And I hope where ever you find yourself today you please do the same. 

"He who forms the mountains, who creates the wind, who reveals his thoughts to mankind...."
Amos 4:13

peace and love,

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