Thursday, September 13, 2012

piece of cake

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Happy Thursday.
Hope you're having quality thoughts today. 

But, one of my latest music obsessions and what has been fueling my runs the past few times is Cake. So today, I share the video for "Long Time". Again as always, enjoy. The song's just got a sweet beat. 

thanks to the tube.

Another all day work day, so I'm beginning my morning with a little fun day blogging. 
No workout post this morning due to the fact I went out for a run around the woods of the valley after work yesterday, and didn't come back until ten miles later. Once I got outside I realized all i really wanted was to stay out as long as possible, so i today is more than an off day. 

I came back home last night with intention to bake bread or something, but decided I wanted nothing more than to literally crash on the couch and not get up, for anything. So, I ended up watching the Xfactor with Mom. (I'm trying to think right now when the last time I watched TV for an hour straight was, and I want to say it is definitely months.) 

I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed though. The quad of judges make a good team together and I realized I missed S.Cowell's speaking of the mind. I also did not expect it to get as emotional as it did. But the girls making it through at the end of the show all have my votes. Fighters. I'm rooting for the next young Pat Benatar. Her hidden rocker sass was out of this world. It's on again tonight, I don't know if I'll be around to watch but if you are I definitely recommend. 

That's all i got right now, recipe posting for another cookie made the other day later on.
maybe i'll have some more quality thoughts later on too. But just fun morning thoughts as of noon. 


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