About Kell

Welcome to a "peace" of Kellbell, my personal blog to give you a little piece of my daily life and thoughts. As a newly-college-grad-working-girl, i can now start documenting my "real" life, so here it is. Enjoy, please. 

Meet Kelly Anne: Now 23, in my opinion my life has just begun. After recently graduating from Messiah College, a Christian college in Pennsylvania, I found myself back in Connecticut to manage a Lacrosse Retailing store. I love it. And until I go ahead and pursue my dream and open a Bed & Breakfast [who knows where], I am quite content for now.

For more read about why I am who I am today;
My Story Part I
My Story Part II
"what defines"

please read, and enjoy.

I love: My faith, my God, my family, cooking [i cook to love], coffee, being active, outside, and being happy.

Hopefully, through my daily documenting, I can instill some of my happy-healthy lifestyle into each of you. Again, enjoy and please feel free to share your thoughts right back. 

blessings, and all the peace & love of course,

Isaiah 26:3