Monday, September 10, 2012

Golden Sunshine

Song of the day, a little Matisyahu for Monday. 

happy monday.

 (via youtube)

I'm holding down the fort and working open to close all day today and tomorrow so I gotta keep my spirits up somehow. Thank you for humoring me and my thrilling life. 

But as our dear artist of the day sings, "keep your eye on the prize" - almost a month until half marathon day, so i'm keepin on keepin on. 

This morning's running workout;

4 min jogging warm up - 8.0 speed
5 miles @ 34:10 (speeds 7.7~10.3) interval-ing whever i felt the desire.
.50 mile jogging cool down

20 min cross train
10 min ab circuit

I think that may be a PR for 5 miles, i'm pretty sure. I realized later this morning that a half marathon is a long distance and that I should probably focus on getting the distance down again first, so I'm thinking 8 or 9 miles in a few days. If anyone would like to join, please let me know :)

But, yes, happy Monday Morning. Enjoy the sunshine and the cool fall weather that seems to be sneaking in. What a wonderful thing it is.

Peace N Lovin

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